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Espy thankful for birthday breakfast


By Josh Troy
Clarksdale Advocate

Mayor Chuck Espy expressed gratitude toward the City of Clarksdale’s executive team for making breakfast in honor of his birthday celebration during Monday’s department head meeting.

Espy’s birthday was Monday, April 24, which was the same day as the regularly scheduled Board of Mayor and Commissioners meeting. Espy told the community about the breakfast at the Mayor and Commissioners meeting. He said that, prior to becoming mayor, department heads only met on the day of city meetings. When Espy took office in 2017, he started having department head meetings every Monday.

“That in itself was a little bit very different, and that process has yielded great dividends for this city,” he said.

Espy went on to talk about the breakfast the executive team prepared for him when the department heads met on Monday.

“To my delight, this morning, I walked in here thinking it was going to be a regularly scheduled department head meeting,” he said. “And boy, was I wrong. This executive team and I cannot brag on you guys more than I have ever seen. I’ve seen other municipalities. I have seen other people in the executive branch. But this morning, they took it to another first-class level.

“I walked in, and I’m not big on celebrating birthdays. But this team laid out a gourmet breakfast that was so superior to anything that I’ve ever seen at the White House, in Jackson, or any other part of the country that I have ever had breakfast – overseas.”

Espy specifically mentioned how much he enjoyed the grits.

“Whatever was in the grits this morning, whatever it was, it was so wonderful that I just want to tell you guys I never celebrated a birthday like that with that type of breakfast,” he said. “So I just want to tell you guys I am thankful, I love you guys, I am dedicated to you and you all. And I am so happy I was able to share that with you all this morning, how I felt about you guys taking out the time to do that for me. So God bless you guys. I love you. Thank you so much.”

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