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By Raquel Williams

Many times you hear about a person before you actually meet them. In this case I heard about a man named Milton Williams, Jr, who is doing outstanding things in the Mississippi Delta. Along with a few other phenomenal people, Milton has decided to bring the men together to salvage what has been deteriorating for years, sister circles and brother bonds. 

I first heard about Mr. Williams via facebook when I ran across a fly about a group called Men United. It wasn’t being promoted in Clarksdale so I didn’t really get involved. My curiosities lay dormant and I would inquire periodically about what they had going on. I will share later why. But allow me to introduce to most and present to others a man who was born and raised in Lambert, Mississippi, emerged as a remarkable individual from an early age. He honed his skills and character while attending South Panola High School. This guy displayed a passion for martial arts and was actively involved in the Quitman and Panola County Martial Arts Program.

Following his high school graduation, Milton pursued higher education at Mississippi’s Delta Community College, where he continued his personal and intellectual growth. His thirst for knowledge and ambition led him to further his studies at Delta State University, where he delved into various subjects and expanded his horizons.

Driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact on his community, Milton founded Men United, Inc. This nonprofit organization, headquartered in Quitman, Coahoma, and Tallahatchie counties in Mississippi, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within these communities. Men United focuses on providing young men and women with valuable resources and opportunities to develop essential leadership skills, ultimately empowering them to create a better future. Through its unwavering commitment and remarkable achievements, Men United has gained national recognition and support from influential figures such as boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., rapper The Game, actors Darryl Bell, Pooch Hall, actress Tempestt Bledsoe, LisaRaye, and actor/comedian Cedric the Entertainer. His goal remains to use resources to bring exposure and inspiration to the future leaders of Mississippi who are often overlooked.

In addition to his visionary work with Men United, Milton also serves as a valued member of the Steve Harvey Foundation. In this role, he contributes his expertise and dedication to further the foundation’s mission, making a profound difference in the lives of countless young men across the world.

Prior to his work fostering the mental and intellectual growth of youth in the Delta area, Milton served in the Mississippi Highway Patrol, trained and interned with the United States Marshals Service, and graduated at the top of his Mississippi Department of Corrections Training Academy class in 2006. His dominating passion is his love for young people. 

Milton Williams embodies the spirit of leadership, compassion, and determination. Through his inspiring journey and unwavering commitment to community betterment, he continues to uplift and empower those around him, leaving an indelible mark on the Mississippi Delta region and beyond. 

This past weekend Milton hosted a women’s empowerment gala in Batesville, MS with special guest LisaRaye whom most have seen on the big screen and would associate her celebrity status as a movie star. 

The Women’s Empowerment Gala was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse community of individuals passionate about advancing gender equality and women’s rights. The event served as a platform to inspire and motivate attendees, raise awareness about key issues, and celebrate the achievements of women across various domains. Through fundraising efforts and networking opportunities, the gala generated support and fostered collaborations to further empower women and drive positive change in our society. 

The Women’s Empowerment Gala was a powerful event that left a lasting impact, reinforcing the importance of women’s empowerment and inspiring attendees to take action towards creating a more equitable world.

I was excited to see Clarksdale, MS represented through pictures via social media. As a writer I was eager to interview the attendees and tap resources to further my inquiries about how people make associations and foster productive working relationships. A few of the women I have targeted for feature stories based on their roots right here in Clarksdale and the work that I know they are doing for the enhancement of our culture and the promotion of self love.

Milton Williams is to be commended for the work that he is doing for the men of his community because it has created a ripple effect of positivity. The women of the Delta were spotlighted and the efforts of a few have empowered many.

Milton Williams and special guest, Lisa Raye


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