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“I spent a number of moments in my life attempting to represent that I used to be a bichota—a boss girl—but I wasn’t feeling that way completely,” KAROL G tells Apple Music. “It’s good and normal sometimes, feeling not that good and never in that mood—but that tomorrow goes to be beautiful.” That sentiment resonates from the primary few moments of MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO, on the vigorous opener “MIENTRAS ME CURO DEL CORA.” After dramatically impacting the very landscape of worldwide Latin music with 2021’s career-defining KG0516, the Colombian superstar is now focused on what the longer term holds.

If KAROL G’s phenomenal 2022 run of hit singles, from “PROVENZA” to “GATÚBELA” to “CAIRO,” whet her fans’ appetites, the daring and confessional MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO provides them with a downright decadent musical feast. Boasting an eclectic series of collaborations with the likes of Carla Morrison, Sean Paul, and Sech, to call just a few, her latest album intrepidly explores sounds each familiar and previously unexplored as she further refines and even redefines her artistry. From the FINNEAS-produced alt-pop of “TUS GAFITAS” to the música mexicana stylings of “GUCCI LOS PAÑOS,” MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO sets a high bar across genres. All of the while, she delivers powerhouse vocal performances with deeply personal lyrics sure to resonate with listeners. “I used to be scared to only show that vulnerability,” she says. “But that is the way in which my album got here out, and now I just feel proud.”

Amongst its quite a few highlights, the undeniable centerpiece of MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO is the momentous Shakira team-up “TQG,” an intergenerational and empowering single that unites these Colombian superstars in the end. “I used to be just seeing what was happening with Shakira in her personal life, and I used to be like, ‘You recognize what? Let me contact her,’” she says of the track, one which had been shelved prior to recording this historic feature. “It was price it for me to launch it again, for women to represent that moment of the life.”

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