Black Men’s Health Equity Council seeks to improve health outcomes for Black Men

    Jackson, MS (April 21, 2023) Authentic and pro-active outreach is always the goal for the Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health.  On Sunday, April 16, 2023, Bershire Hall, a men’s dormitory at Tougaloo College, was transformed into a mini-health clinic during the second installment of Choppin’ It Up:  The Barbershop Series. 

    Over twenty African American males received various screenings and tests to improve their health outcomes.  Various informational health pamphlets, resources, and genetic surveys were distributed to participants. “The more people know, the better decisions they can make,” said Warren Jones, epidemiologist, Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health.  “We are trying to raise awareness around health issues that affect Black men within the State of Mississippi,” said Jones. 

    Blood pressure, glucose, and BMI were assessed by the Student Health Coalition of Mississippi from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.   Care4Me Services administered syphilis and HIV tests.   All tests and assessments were free.   Attendees were provided lunch and a barber was on hand to provide free haircuts.  “Via surveys, we asked questions regarding family medical history.  We want to know if they have had a cancer diagnosis or if a family member has had a cancer diagnosis,” added Jones.  

    “Just knowing your status gives you power and is something that you can give to the rest of your family,” said Tougaloo College freshman Charles Jones.

    The Barbershop Series is sponsored by the Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health’s Black Men’s Health Equity Council.   “The Black Men’s Health Equity Council has only one goal,” said Dr. Sandra Melvin, CEO/Founder, Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health. “That goal is to reduce health disparities among Black men.”   To achieve this goal, the council will educate Black men regarding the various health issues that impact them and create a network to find solutions to these issues.   

    The Barbershop Series is a prelude to Black Men’s Health Conference schedule for June 17, 2023, at Tougaloo College.  For more information, contact Warren Jones at or at (424) 312-5866.


    The Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health was established in 2019 to reduce health disparities among disadvantaged aand underserved minority populations in Mississippi through the development of collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders and the implementation of evidence-based public health interventions with a particular focus on health equity.


    Photo 1:  UMMC student Newlon Gillihan and Charles Jones review his health assessment. Jones is a freshman at Tougaloo College. 

    Cover Photo:  Event participants were provided free haircuts.


    Media Contacts: 

    Dr. Sandra Melvin, (769) 572-5263


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