Black Women Empowered in the Fight Against Breast Cancer Disparities


Jackson, MS (November 15, 2023) — The Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health invites Black women aged 18-50 to participate in a crucial research survey to address the impact of healthcare providers’ implicit bias on the utilization of breast cancer services by Black women in the State of Mississippi.

Black women are more likely to develop breast cancer before age 60 and have a higher prevalence of difficult-to-treat subtypes (such as triple-negative breast cancer). To combat this disparity and foster equity among breast cancer patients, the Institute is working to identify unique and actionable solutions.

The research survey is not limited to assessing bias.  It will also investigate the impact of perceived discrimination on the quality of healthcare delivered to African American women between the ages of 18-50. This study is funded by the Preparedness and Treatment Equity Coalition (PTEC).  PTEC awarded three $50,000 grants to multi-disciplinary research teams, like the Institute, that are identifying metrics and outcome measures that can be used to encourage policy and practice change.  The ultimate objective is to decrease inequity in breast cancer screening, treatment, and outcomes.

Black women 18-50 who’ve visited a healthcare provider within the past two years are encouraged to register and participate in this vital survey. “The Institute believes results from this survey may be useful in identifying factors that influence the development of breast cancer disparities,” said Dr. Sandra Melvin, CEO, the Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health. “Together, we can make a meaningful impact on healthcare equity.”

For more information and to register for the survey, please visit

Media Contacts: Dr. Sandra Melvin, (769) 572-5263

The Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health was established in 2019 to reduce health disparities among disadvantaged and underserved minority populations in the Mississippi through the development of collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders and the implementation of evidence-based public health interventions with a particular focus on health equity. 



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