Clarksdale, MS Gears Up for Crucial August 8th Election: Shaping a Path Towards Progress



The city of Clarksdale, Mississippi, is gearing up for an important event in its civic life—the August 8th election. As residents prepare to cast their votes, the community is abuzz with discussions about the candidates and the potential impact of this election on the city’s future. This article provides an overview of the upcoming Clarksdale election, the candidates vying for various positions, and the issues at stake.

Local elections often hold the key to shaping the direction a community takes. Clarksdale’s August 8th election is no exception. As the city grapples with a range of challenges and opportunities, the leaders chosen in this election will play a significant role in determining its course over the coming years.

The Issues

  1. Economic Revitalization Clarksdale faces economic challenges, including unemployment and a declining downtown area. The candidates are proposing various strategies, from attracting new industries to supporting local businesses, to stimulate economic growth and job creation.
  2. Education and Youth Empowerment Improving the quality of education and providing opportunities for young people are key concerns. The candidates are focusing on enhancing schools, expanding after-school programs, and creating safe spaces for youth to learn and grow.
  3. Community Engagement and Inclusivity Many candidates stress the importance of involving residents in decision-making processes and ensuring that all voices are heard. They aim to bridge gaps within the community and create a more inclusive and cohesive Clarksdale.
  4. Sustainability and Infrastructure As environmental issues become increasingly important, candidates emphasize sustainable urban planning, waste reduction, and better infrastructure to create a more environmentally friendly and modern city.

The Contenders:

For Constable Southern Dist, Vote for One

  1. Floyd Williams
  2. Jovas Haynes
  3. Oliver Mitchell

For Constable Nothern Dist, Vote for One

  1. John R. Rybolt lll
  2. Solomon K. Gray

For Coahoma Chancery Clerk, Vote For One

  1. Venesia Griffin Brown
  2. Tarra Rhymes Slack
  3. Sherita Wilson

For District Attorney 11, Vote for One

  1. Michael Carr
  2. Brenda F. Mitchell

For Supervisor Dist 05, Vote for One

  1. Shirley Fair
  2. Mary Frances Dear-Moton
  3. Will Young
  4. Roosevelt Lee Jr.

For Justice Court Judge Southern Dist, Vote for One

  1. Derek D. Hopson Sr.

For Supervisor Dist 04, Vote for one

  1. Johnny Newson
  2. Jesse Harris

For Coahoma Circuit Clerk, Vote for One

  1. Demetria Jackson

For Coahoma Coroner, Vote for One

  1. Scotty A. Meredith

For Coahoma County Attorney, Vote for One

  1. John Sherman

 For Supervisor Dist 03, Vote for One

  1. Travis Demond Haggan
  2. Alcorn Russell lll
  3. Darrell Washington

For Supervisor Dist 02, Vote for One

  1. Archie Buford
  2. Pat Davis Jr.
  3. Henrietta Ruth Peeler

For Supervisor Dist 02, Vote for One

  1. Richard D. Cannon
  2. Doris Haynes Miller
  3. Paul Pearson

For Coahoma Sheriff, Vote for One

  1. Charles Jones
  2. Mario Magsby

The August 8th election in Clarksdale, Mississippi, represents a pivotal moment for the city’s future. With candidates who bring diverse perspectives and priorities, residents have a range of choices to consider. As they head to the polls, Clarksdale residents have the opportunity to shape their community’s trajectory and address pressing issues, from economic revitalization to education and sustainability. The outcomes of this election will undoubtedly influence the city’s development for years to come.


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