Espy: Citizens not allowed to bring weapons to boardroom


    By Josh Troy

    Clarksdale Advocate

    During a Clarksdale Board of Mayor and Commissioners vetting meeting on Thursday, Mayor Chuck Espy announced that only law enforcement officials would be allowed to carry firearms to meetings due to safety concerns. Signs were placed on the doors of the boardroom notifying community members that they would not be allowed to bring firearms to meetings. The mayor stated that the decision was made to keep the room safe for everyone, including the executive branch, constituents, and those who participate in boardrooms. Espy emphasized that the boardroom is a weapon-free zone, except for law enforcement officers. The mayor urged citizens to keep their weapons in their vehicles during meetings, and anyone who enters the boardroom with a weapon will be asked to store it in their car for their safety and the public’s safety. Mayor Espy reiterated the importance of public safety and stated that further discussions may be held on the matter in the future.


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