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County Administrator Seals making difference in hometown


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By Josh Troy
Clarksdale Advocate

Coahoma County Administrator Kimberlyn C. Seals has a passion for her hometown and a desire to make her community a better place to live. Seals, born and raised in Clarksdale, is a Clarksdale High School graduate and a Coahoma Community College graduate with an Associate of Arts degree in accounting. She earned her Bachelor of Science in business administration from Mississippi Valley State University and her Masters of Business Administration from Bethel University. Seals was named the County Administrator in Oct. 2022, but worked in many different industries through the years.

Seals has worked in various positions, including the educational field, for over 10 years. “Working with the students, parents, and other educators have greatly inspired me,” she said, “My philosophy of education is ‘All students can learn.’ However, we have to realize that all students learn at different rates.” Seals has her own Consultant Company, The Improvement Group, LLC, and also works for several different non-for-profit organizations helping families in need and at-risk youth.

“Helping children and under-serviced communities is my passion,” she said. “I am committed to making the community where I was born and raised a better place.” Now, Seals is looking to make a difference in her community as the County Administrator. “My current role as Coahoma County Administrator is also a great opportunity for me because I was called to lead and serve,” she said.

Seals’ father, Ed, has been the Ward 4 Commissioner for the City of Clarksdale since 1989. “From the values, he holds to how he treats other people, my dad has been, and will always be, the perfect role model for me,” Seals said. “I have seen his direct impact on people’s lives throughout the community. Being a commissioner is a 24/7 job; his phone line is always open to speaking with citizens about any complaints or issues they may have. Whether it is a problem with a sidewalk, streetlight, or even a pothole, these are only a few things he addresses daily.” While Seals works for the county and Ed Seals is a city official, she understands the importance of the two government entities working together well.

“Effective communication is key,” she said. “Improving the lives of residents while providing regional solutions to all the inequities which may affect the community (are keys).” Seals said communication is also key when working with all five members of the Board of Supervisors. “Managing everyone’s expectations while also setting clear standards for communication is the main priority,” she said. “In order to handle multiple responsibilities, I create meeting agendas, organize tasks by priority, and make adjustments to any changing deadlines throughout the week.”

Seals is the mother of “one beautiful daughter Kayleigh Commee’, whom I love dearly.” She is a proud and active member of Liberty Missionary Baptist Church in Lyon and of “the best sorority,” Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Iota Delta Omega Chapter. She is also a member of the North Mississippi Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. “My favorite pastime hobbies include reading, shopping, and trading stocks,” Seals said. “My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ That means no matter what the challenge is, if you take it from an attitude of faith and pray about it as you’re doing it, then you should have great success!! Leaders lead!”

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