‎Live From The Royal Albert Hall



    “I definitely wanted this to be different to my other shows,” Sam Smith tells Apple Music of their October 2022 performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall. “I come from a theater background and really missed that feeling on my last tour. It takes a village of talent to placed on my shows, and it’s necessary for me now to showcase and rejoice the artists around me.” In Live From The Royal Albert Hall, which arrives to Apple Music listeners as a part of the From Apple Music With Love series, Smith celebrates their body of labor with a curated collection of songs from the evening.

    Though Smith was mostly performing songs from their catalog, the singer says the set was imbued with the spirit of their fourth studio album Gloria, scheduled to release in January 2023. “With this show it was about adding a bit of Gloria to all my songs,” Smith says. “I at all times want to alter all of the songs a bit of to suit the mood and the tones of whatever project I’m currently releasing. But I’m also obsessed with playing the songs the way in which people love them.” One take heed to Live From The Royal Albert Hall and also you’re sure to have found that Smith couldn’t lose either way.

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