Coahoma County, City of Clarksdale purchase new dump trucks through bonds


By Josh Troy Clarksdale Advocate

The City of Clarksdale and Coahoma County jointly purchased seven dump trucks through bonds to transport heavy materials to the local landfill and other areas. The Coahoma County Board of Supervisors acquired six of these trucks through a use tax bond. Four of them have been delivered to the Coahoma County Road Department, with one expected to arrive before the end of the calendar year and another expected in January 2024.

The City of Clarksdale purchased one dump truck through a bond, bringing the city’s total to two dump trucks, the other being four years old. Each dump truck costs an estimated $254,000, and all were purchased from Truckworx in Richland.

Clarksdale Ward 3 Commissioner Willie Turner was present when the City’s new dump truck arrived. He commented, “Great truck. The truck works really well. You can’t go wrong.”

Coahoma County District 3 Supervisor Derrell Washington witnessed the arrival of four of the County’s dump trucks at the Road Department. Impressed with the trucks, he stated that the community would see how well they work. “One reason I think it’s a good thing is that the County taxpayers can see what the money is being spent on,” he said.

Tameka Kersh, Government Affairs Account Manager for Truckworx, mentioned that the dump trucks purchased by the City and County would be more valuable if they ever decide to sell them since they were made with stampede bodies. She explained, “Sometimes you see trucks that have those ridges. This one is more durable, so it can haul stronger materials other than just rocks and dirt.”

Clarksdale Public Works Director Craig Amerson expressed his satisfaction with the new dump truck. He mentioned that both of the city’s dump trucks would be used simultaneously. “They need to be used at the same time to get more work done,” he said. “It’s a great truck. If it’s half as good as the one we’ve got, it will be a great truck. It’s here to help us accomplish more in the City of Clarksdale.”


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