Coahoma County Jr Sr High School Educators Rising State Competition Winner- Martia Crawford


    Coahoma county Jr Sr High School
    Educators Rising State Competition Winner- Martia Crawford
    2nd Place in Lessons Planning and Delivery STEM Competition 2023
    Delta State University Friday, February 24, 2023
    Dr. Dimarche Robinzine Khashan
    Dr. Aretha Williams

    We proudly congratulate Miss Martia Crawford, a junior, for her bravery and dedication to her competitive event and the work she put in in the Teacher Academy II classroom and clinical experience at Lyon Elementary School. We thank our principal Mr. Deshun Readus; our Career and Technical Director, Dr. Manika Kemp; our clinical principal, Ms. Kandique Birge; teachers and parents; our superintendent, Dr. Virginia Young; our bus drivers, Mr. McKinley Scott, Mr. Jeremiah Brassell, Mr. Derrick Moore, Mr. Michael Anthony, Mrs. Tina Crawford, and Mr. Eddie Butler for all of the support for this program and our students. It is a team effort in education, and we are all on a mission to help our students succeed in school and in life!

    I asked Martia to express her journey to victory, and these were her remarks: “Growing up, I was told teaching was not for everyone. Joining Teacher Academy my 10th grade year showed me that teaching was for me. Joining Teacher Academy opened up many doors for my future career and is taking me closer to my goals each and everyday. The category I prepared for at the 2023 State Competition was Lesson planning and delivery-STEAM. My favorite part about teaching is creating lessons that students would love and engage in. This is exactly why I chose to take the class, and I chose the mathematics category for lesson planning in the state competition.

    My lesson was about identifying the value of U.S. Coins. My lesson was inspired by my business, Tia’s Snack Shack. I have seen children come to me to buy things and not know the coins’ value or name. So after I made my lesson plans, I chose to teach a small group of children at Lyon Elementary School. Once the students understood the concepts and my lesson, I was so excited to start on my competition project.

    The “Bazooka Bubble Gum song” was my favorite part of my lesson. The judges loved it! I was extremely shocked when I heard my name called, I couldn’t believe I was second place, and I can’t wait to do it all again for Nationals in June. A piece of advice I would give anyone is THINK BIG, and make the Impossible
 POSSIBLE, the only thing standing in the way of you and success is YOU!”

    I’m so proud of you Martia, for sticking with your plan and seeing it through. I don’t have to tell you this because you saw me screaming in front of all those people when they called your name, but even they didn’t know what it meant to me! God is good! He said if we can reach just one, then we have succeeded. Martia, we have succeeded! I look forward to the next level. Good Luck!

    Dr. Dimarche Robinzine Khashan
    Educators Rising Advisor
    Ed Prep/Teacher Academy II Instructor

    We also had other students compete at the state level and are proud of their efforts:
    Ethical Dilemma Team – Armoni Redmon, Anaya Jones, Kei Juan Neese
    Creative Lecture – Kei Juan Neese
    9th Graders
    Interactive Bulletin Board – Tyriq Jones
    Educator Rising Moment – Makayla Leflore

    We hope to see more students who want to join the educational community by joining the Educators Rising organization and entering into the Educators Prep course next registration.


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