Hopping on Home with Tanesha Mitchell


    By: Raquel Williams

    Easter is approaching! And what better way to welcome Spring than with a community coming together to fellowship, the “old school” way. When we think about Easter, we usually think about Christ… The Resurrection, Easter Speeches, The Easter Bunny, Easter Egg hunts, and for some, just being home for the holiday! 

    This year, Clarksdale welcomes Miss Tanesha Mitchell, the founder of Hashtag: HANDmade Printing, LLC. Tanesha is a 2011 graduate of Clarksdale High, raised right here in Clarksdale, MS, on Indiana Avenue. Her parents are Tommy and Joyce Mitchell. She has two sisters who reside here, but she chose to leave. 

    Even though she is no longer a resident of Coahoma County, her heart is still here. We have had several long conversations about the future of Clarksdale and its potential. Tanesha has shared her vision about the community coming together to uplift the neighborhood morale by having small events here and there that would foster a sense of love and support without making the parents feel obligated to purchase anything. She also stressed the importance of giving back to the community that poured into her when she was growing up. 

    Because of her connection to the church and her dedication to her hometown, Tanesha is sponsoring an upcoming event, the Hippity Hoppity Happy Hunting community Easter egg hunt. The hunt is designed to get the children outdoors into the community and help local businesses and vendors network while enjoying music, games, food, shopping, and happy hunting.

    The Hippity Hoppity Happy Hunting event is a free event designed to help bring back the “good outside days” to the many beautiful children in Clarksdale and the surrounding areas and bring the community together for a day of pure fun for everyone. 

    The event will be held April 8th, 2023, at Kings Temple, 1402 Lyon Ave in Clarksdale, MS, from 10AM-2PM. Tanesha hopped on home to her childhood church family, which welcomed her with open arms. Her mother is a member of the usher board, and her father plays an active role as a board member and operator of the sound room for the church. Having parents who support her dreams made this project special. 

    For her to see her vision come to fruition at her stomping grounds adds seasoning to this event. Tanesha wants the community to know that generous donations and contributions will help make this event successful. Still, she is overwhelmed with feelings of love and support from those who have already sown their seed of Easter cheer. 

    Her goal this year is to have up to three raffle give-away segments throughout the event. She is asking the community to contribute at least two Raffle items for the raffle portions of this event. She expressed to me that she wants to make this year successful, with the hope that it will become an annual event for our children of Clarksdale and the surrounding areas for years to come. 

    The projected audience of neighborhood children would benefit tremendously from your generosity. There is no cost to sponsor or to be a partner. Any monetary, needed resources or in-kind support would be most appreciated. The drop-off location will be 527 Indiana Avenue, Clarksdale, MS, by March 31st. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Flyers are circulating throughout the town leading up to the event date. She is most thankful for your support and contribution to this cause. 

    For more information, contact Tanesha Mitchell, Hippity Hoppity Happy Hunting Director @ hashtaghandmadeprints@gmail.com, 662-645-7848 or 573-229-0506.


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