‎Red Moon In Venus by Kali Uchis on Apple Music



    Brimming with astrological fervor and unbridled emotionality, Red Moon in Venus finds the Colombian American sensation zeroing in on love. From the proud guarantees behind “Endlessly” to the sweet little profundities of “Love Between…,” the album plays with genre without losing cohesion or connection. On the guest front, Don Toliver matches her R&B potency amid the polyrhythmic blur of “Fantasy,” while Omar Apollo brings his own certain charm to the luxurious duet “Definitely worth the Wait.” Yet a lot of the album keeps the highlight rightfully on her, resulting in breathtaking moments like “I Wish You Roses” and the Sade-esque “Blue.” And while Red Moon in Venus returns the artist to a primarily English-language mode, she hasn’t dispatched entirely with the approach taken on 2020’s Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ∞. She brings bilingual lyricism alongside orchestral accents for “Como Te Quiero Yo” and retro grooves for “Hasta Cuando.”

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