“The Pursuit of Happiness”


    Is one ever truly happy? Or do we all settle for what life is willing to give us at some point? Life forces us to believe that the pursuit of happiness and love are two of our most fulfilling gifts. But the actual question remains; how do we obtain happiness? Is it through a significant other, children, or maybe career achievements? Through years of personally searching for happiness, I’ve come to believe happiness cannot be obtained with either of the above factors. Happiness is found within oneself.

     YES! You are the solution to finding happiness. No man, woman, child, or achievement can provide you with the happiness you deserve and need. Consider those of you who have a significant other, children or even success, did the happiness last? Or were they pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that still appear to be missing? Happiness truly lies within you. One must choose to wake up every day and control the narrative of how the day will go. The option to dismiss negativity that’s intended to dismantle our positive vibes. The choice to accept the things that we cannot change.

     So how do we get to this point? Practice. Prayer. Peace. Find your inner peace and allow your happiness to shine. Whether you have someone to come home to at night, children to raise, or even if you’re still figuring out what you want out of life. Be happy while doing so. One thing is definite: the guarantee that we all must die. Life has proven itself to be short and unexpected. Take control as you may, and choose to live in your happiness. Let go of the pain that’s draining your life. It is far more effort to be unhappy than to be happy. Take control of your life, and do not allow society to dictate what is expected of you. Be proud of the growth you’ve made because only you know just how far you’ve come. As we age, the more the value of peace becomes. So, I challenge you today; let go and find your peace!

    “A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart, the spirit is crushed.” PROVERBS 15:13          


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